Top ten tips for Driving Lessons In Crawley

1. Think outside the box
How is what you are about to do going to affect other road users? Think and look around before you perform any move, and you will start to improve at a much faster pace

2. Do your homework
Practising your theory should be an ongoing thing, not just to pass a theory test. Keeping up with your training will help you to become a much more competent driver

3. Be patient
There is almost no such thing as a perfect drive, we all make mistakes. The key is not to panic when you make an error and move on quickly, as this can lead to more serious faults

4. Keep calm
Other people make mistakes too. If another driver makes an error that directly affects you, don’t be tempted to react angrily as this wont help anybody. Just keep calm and carry on!

5. Mirrors mirrors mirrors!
You MUST check the appropriate mirrors WELL BEFORE changing speed or direction. This really is the basis of safe driving.

6. If you’re not sure, just ask
Don’t suffer in silence. If there is something you don’t understand during a lesson, do ask your instructor to explain it again. A good instructor will be able to explain things in many different ways. Remember, you are paying for a service!

7. Practice
There is no substitute for actual driving. If possible, get out with a full licence holder. They must be over 21 with a full licence for at least 3 years.

8. Try all weather
Try to practice driving in all weather conditions. These include bright sunshine, rain, fog and at night. These conditions will affect your reaction times and your ability to brake in good time. Practice, once again is the key!

9. Read the Highway Code
This is the most essential book you will come across. The Highway Code contains all the rules and regulations you will need to follow in order to stay safe and keep within the law. A good knowledge of this book will ensure you and your passengers stay safe

Driving can be a lot of fun! If you stay safe and within the law, you will find so much enjoyment from it!

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