Your essential car item list – or are you in danger?

Essential Car Item List There are people who place enough items in their car trunks to live off of for weeks, while others keep this storage compartment absolutely empty. We’re not recommending either extreme, but instead, we offer you a comprehensive list of 30 items that we think responsible automobile owners should always keep in their cars for that old boy scout favorite, “Be Prepared!” What’s In Your Car? This

Driving Hill Starts

Driving Hill Starts – Simply & Safely   To always make sure you are confident with driving hill starts, read this post carefully. Use this simple technique to ensure you move away safely and assuredly. This driving technique involves using the handbrake as a safety mechanism. This will stop the car from rolling backwards during a potentially difficult up-hill start. New drivers often feel a little panic stricken when starting

How to Parallel Park With Ease

Watch this video and learn how to parallel park with ease Please take a look at this demo video we’ve culled from the internet about how to parallel park with ease.  Take your time and watch it a couple of times and then practice, practice, practice! Parallel parking then becomes second nature. Use your mirrors, check your blind spot! Remember to always have fun, driving isn’t that complicated (look at

Top ten tips for Driving Lessons in Crawley, Sussex

Top ten tips for Driving Lessons In Crawley 1. Think outside the box How is what you are about to do going to affect other road users? Think and look around before you perform any move, and you will start to improve at a much faster pace 2. Do your homework Practising your theory should be an ongoing thing, not just to pass a theory test. Keeping up with your

Driving Lessons Crawley

DRIVING LESSONS CRAWLEY Come and try us out!  We’re so confident that we’ll get on that we offer a special deal – if for whatever reason you feel like you don’t want to carry on with us – we’ll refund you the cost of your first lesson.  So you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. We are the only Driving School in Crawley that offers this, we do

Driving Instructor in Crawley

Driving Instructor Ahead

You’ve found your Driving Instructor In Crawley!  Excellent! Our driving instructors are all experienced and qualified with a minimum grade 5 instructor qualification and we love what we do!  We operate in a relaxed yet professional manner, so if you just want to discuss the possibility of starting with us.. or anything else regarding driving lessons or taking your test in Crawley –  please call us now, no obligation! PHONE