Driving Hill Starts – Simply & Safely


To always make sure you are confident with driving hill starts, read this post carefully.

Use this simple technique to ensure you move away safely and assuredly.

This driving technique involves using the handbrake as a safety mechanism. This will stop the car from rolling backwards during a potentially difficult up-hill start.

New drivers often feel a little panic stricken when starting on hills and the reason can often be because they are worried about the car rolling back and hitting anything behind – so they start pumping the pedals frantically and this can lead to errors and misjudgement.

Using this driving technique you will learn to fine-tune your feet on the accelerator and the clutch, once the car is secured with the handbrake on and the car safe.



Start by preparing the car: Turn on the engine, press the clutch down and select first gear. Keeping the clutch down, step on the accelerator – make sure the engine makes a little more noise than usual (this is because the engine is going to have to pull the car up and needs more power). Now, bring the clutch up gently until you find the “famous” biting point (remember, this is when the engine begins to connect with the wheels).

Ensuring you perform all your essential safety checks (look all about, use your mirrors and check your blind spot) you can then begin to let the handbrake go. Let it go very carefully and slowly. If the car rolls back or feels like it will leap forward, simply pull the handbrake on again and safely adjust your clutch until the car is at true biting point. Perform all the usual safety checks again. Repeat this until you feel confident. Once you have built your confidence up you will need the handbrake less and less.

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